How Long Before a Student Shows Significant Progress?

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Learning rates vary from child to child, but measureable progress should be observed within the first few months of tutoring.

At three month intervals student are re-evaluated to determine if the course of instruction has been effective, and to assess if the plan needs to be modified.  We will talk frankly about the tutoring process and together decide if a mid-course corrections needs to be made.  Honest appraisals are an imperative.  The best interest of the student must always take precedence over the sensibilities of either the tutor or the parent.

Each student is unique, as are tutors.  Some students may perform better with one tutor than another, even though both instructors are equally qualified, equally talented, and utilize appropriate methods and materials.  In the unlikely event that our student fails to make significant progress following 6 months remediation, I will usually recommend seeking tutorial assistance elsewhere.

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