Adult Ed & English as a Second Language

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Adults & ESL

Is English Difficult For You?

Adults - Improve Your English Skills
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You are certainly not alone.

During the last decade, as the economy has declined and unemployment has risen, more and more adults are finding it necessary to further their education or seek new careers in an increasingly competitive job market.   This can be an intimidating challenge.

One-to-One Home Tutoring can ease this transition by helping adults improve their basic literacy skills so they feel more confident as they pursue new jobs.  Most employees today must not only be computer literate, but also must be capable of communicating effectively with others (formally and informally) via e-mail and other technologies.

Although spelling and grammar checkers are useful, they are not trustworthy.  People often find themselves embarrassed by the poor quality of their written correspondence.  One-to-One Home Tutoring offers a remediation program specifically designed for adults needing to improve their ability to write and spell correctly.

Foreign-born speakers who are learning English as A Second Language usually manage to communicate fairly well, but exhibit sub-optimal vocabulary and frequent grammatical errors.  Additionally, they are not proficient in writing and spelling. Local libraries often provide English classes for these students, but private tutoring is the most effective way to diminish these problems.  Not only is instruction personalized and supportive, but it takes place in the comfort of one’s own home.