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For a variety of reasons a growing number of parents are now electing to Home School their children.

Once this decision is made, these parents are required to satisfy numerous state rules and regulations pertaining to home instruction.  Complying with state law can be a daunting task without some specialized assistance.

Initially, such parents must submit an IHIP (Individualized Home Instruction Plan), which must include

A List of the Syllabi
The Curriculum Materials
The Plan of Instruction to be used in each of the subjects required for that grade level

During the school year parents must submit evidence that the state requirements for time and content have been fulfilled

Quarterly Reports confirming lessons have been completed
Formal Progress Reports
Year-end Test Results

One-to-One Home Tutoring regularly assists parents in meeting these requirements and in achieving additional success.

I can provide the instruction and/or materials you may need to meet all or part of your educational program.

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