The Three "R"s

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    The Essence of Learning

    Overcome Aversion to Reading
    Learn to Decode New Words
    Strengthen Vocabulary
    Improve Comprehension
    Increase Speed & Accuracy

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    The Essence of Expression

    Improve Spelling and Grammar
    Punctuation and Sentence Structure
    Logically Organize Thoughts
    Proofread & Revision
    Learn to Write Legibly

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    Figure That One Out Mathematically

    Defeat Math Anxiety
    Master Basic Math Facts
    Time, Money, Measurement
    Solve Word Problems
    Clarify Difficult & Abstract Concepts

Specialty Services

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    Learn How to Learn

    Organization & Planning
    Develop Proper Study Habits
    Note-Taking & Outlining Techniques
    Prepare for State Exams
    Overcoming Test-Taking Anxiety

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    Challenges of a Learning Disability

    Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorders
    Visual & Auditory Processing Disorders
    Cognitive Impairment
    Mild Autism

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    Is English Difficult For You?

    Adults - Improve Your English Skills
    New Career Training Prep
    Civil Service Exam Prep
    Return to School Prep
    U.S. Citizenship Prep

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